We’ve built a coin for apes.

BabyApe is a coin made by apes, for apes, to send every simian to the moon. To accomplish this, our product offering is twofold; a crypto marketing agency to kickstart projects, and a merch store, that both accept payment using our native BAPE token. Join us, peel a banana, and prepare yourself for huge things to come.



June 2021

Start of the BabyApe Development.

July 2021

Marketing and Shilling Campaign

July 2021

Our first Donation : Chattanooga Zoo - a non-profit which just started accepting BTC. You can check out details about their cause on their website.

July 2021

Targeting 1M marketcap

August 2021

Launch Of Baby Ape Plush

August 2021

Rewards for early investors

August 2021

Partnership for the future of the Baby Ape EcoSystem

August 2021

Launch of the Baby Ape Marketing Agency.

BABY APE PLUSH Coming Soon..

Branded Baby Ape Plush toys coming soon…
BabyApe Plush and the proceeds will be donated to charities for displaced children as well as nature reserves around the world.


Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.